Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

I. General Aspects

Access and use of this website is governed by the terms and conditions described below, as well as any applicable legislation in the Republic of Chile, and in their absence, by the generally accepted standards regulating online business. Therefore, all visits, purchases and sales made on this site, as well as their legal effects, shall be governed by these rules and subject to the aforementioned legislation and regulations.

The terms and conditions described herein shall be understood to form part of all purchases and sales carried out or agreed to using the marketing and sales systems that make up this website between the users of the site, hereinafter known as the «Users», the «Consumers» or the «Customers» and Celebra Design SpA, hereinafter, as the «Company», which is also the owner and administrator of the website www.celebradesign.cl, hereinafter, the «Site».

II. Procedure for using the Celebra® website.

The Company shall provide clear and easy-to-follow information on the steps the Customer must take to acquire the products offered on this site, and shall be informed via email as soon as the product purchase request is received. The request shall proceed through a validation process of the Customer information, of product selection for the purchase based on the available stock and, lastly, the sale shall be finalized by issuing the appropriate documentation, which shall be sent to the Customer together with their order shipment. By following the necessary steps indicated on this site for making a purchase, the User accepts that the Company has fully complied with the conditions stipulated in this clause. The User shall also give their postal or electronic address and the technical means at the disposal of the Consumer for identifying and correcting errors in the shipment or personal information.

III. Legal rights for site Users

The Users shall retain all of the rights recognized in the legislation concerning current consumer protections in the territory of Chile, as well as those that are granted in these terms and conditions. Simply visiting this site offering specific goods does not place any obligations upon the User whatsoever, unless they have unequivocally accepted the conditions offered by the Company, in the manner in which they are indicated in the terms and conditions.

IV. Protection of personal information

The personal information supplied by the Users may only be used by the Company for fulfilling sales contracts, receiving payments and improving its efforts at marketing and selling its products and services to the User, and will not be provided to third parties outside of the Company. The User shall always maintain the right to provide, change and remove personal information in compliance with the law.

V. Product exchanges and refunds

The Consumer has the right to demand an exchange of a defective product or a refund of the price paid for it in the event it is defective, and to any legal or voluntary guarantees that were made, in compliance with the law on the protection of consumer rights, by sending an email to ventas@celebradesign.cl in order to exchange the product.

In the event that the product arrives with defects, for example, it was dirty or deteriorated upon reception, photographic evidence of such faults must be sent in to Company, which will then send a replacement product free of charge within the continental territory of the Republic of Chile.

In the event the product does not arrive within the agreed upon time frame for reasons attributable to the Company, the Customer may cancel their purchase, and then the Company shall return the funds to the Consumer via bank transfer for the amount paid for the product. The aforementioned must be demonstrated using the shipping company’s tracking number.

The causes not attributable to the Company include strikes or work stoppages by the shipper, if the shipping company is the subject of an insolvency procedure under Law No. 20.720, a constitutional state of emergency in accordance with the Political Constitution of the Republic of Chile, acts of nature, force majeure, and natural disasters of any type that would imply a delay in parcels or correspondence delivery.

VI. Right of withdrawal

The Consumer shall not be able to withdraw from the contracted sale for any and all sales agreed to using this website, unless a specific offer explicitly states this as an option.

VII. Special obligations of the Company

For all sales carried out on this site, the Company shall provide its email address and information on the technical means available to the User to identify and correct errors in the shipping data; and, if the electronic document formalizing the contract were stored, the Company shall explain how the Consumer can access it. These obligations will be understood to be fulfilled by the act of the User following the steps listed on this site for making a purchase.

VIII. Payment methods that are accepted by Celebra on this website.

Unless otherwise stated in the event of special situations or offers, the only accepted forms of payment for the products on this site include:

1. Bank-issued credit cards activated for use and issued in Chile. The use of said cards shall be subject to what is stipulated in the Terms and Conditions and in keeping with what has been agreed to with the card issuer in the respective Account Opening and Usage Rules. In the event of a contradiction, that which is given in the latter shall take precedence;

2. Chilean Redcompra cards that have been activated for use and issued in Chile. The use of said cards shall be subject to what is stipulated in the Terms and Conditions and in keeping with what has been agreed to with the card issuer in the respective Account Opening and Usage Rules. In the event of a contradiction, that which is given in the latter shall take precedence;

3. Bank-issued Chilean debit cards that have been activated for use. The use of said cards shall be subject to what is stipulated in the Terms and Conditions and in keeping with what has been agreed to with the card issuer in the respective Account Opening and Usage Rules. In the event of a contradiction, that which is given in the latter shall take precedence;

Furthermore, as the credit and debit cards accepted on this site are bank-issued, all of their pertinent aspects or details such as the date of issue, expiration date, limit, blocked periods, etc., shall be regulated by their respective Account Maintenance and Card Usage Rules in such a way that the Company shall not be held responsible whatsoever for any of the above aspects and details. The site may indicate certain purchase conditions in accordance with the payment methods opted for by the user.
4. Electronic transfer to the account provided by the Company to the User in the confirmation of the transaction to be carried out between said parties, whenever the requirements stipulated in Clause X below have been followed.

IX. Purchase information validation at www.celebradesign.cl

For security reasons, in light of any irregularity in the transactions completed by Users on this site, the Company may contact Customers via telephone or electronic mail in order to confirm their information and avoid potential fraudulent activities. In the event that Customer contact cannot be made within 24 hours of making the purchase on the site, the purchase order shall be rejected.

X. Consent creation for the contracts entered into on this site

The Company shall offer specific goods to the Users of this site, and they may accept them electronically using the same mechanisms offered on the site to do so. Accepting an offer on the part of the User shall be binding for the Company whenever the Company confirms the transaction, which shall verify:

1. That, upon accepting the offer, a sufficient number of products is currently in stock;

2. That the information entered into the site by the Customer coincides with the information provided upon accepting a special offer;

3. That the payment method offered by the User is validated and accepted.

In order to send confirmation to the User, the Company must emit a written confirmation to the same electronic address registered by the User upon making a purchase, or via whichever communication method has been provided earlier on the same site in order to ensure that the Consumer is duly and opportunely informed.  Authorization shall be understood as active and the transaction shall be binding for both parties starting with the moment said written confirmation is sent to the User in the manner stipulated and the place that it was issued.

XI. Product delivery

Products purchased on this site are subject to the delivery conditions of the method chosen by the User and described on the site. The shipping address is the exclusive responsibility of the User.

XII. Scope of product offers found on this site

The selling prices are effective for the duration of the time they are shown on the site. The Company shall be able to amend the information given on this site, including anything concerning merchandise, prices, availability and conditions, at any time and without prior notice, until having received acceptance by the Consumer, which shall then obligate the Company to fulfill its offer, as long as it had confirmed said acceptance with the Consumer in accordance with the procedure given in letter X above.

XIII. Promotions

For the promotions that consist of a free or reduced price on one product conditional upon the purchase of another product, the delivery of the free or reduced price product shall be made to the same location as the product that was paid for at full price, unless the purchaser had asked upon making said purchase that the products be shipped to different addresses, in which case the value of shipping for both products shall be paid. It is not possible to participate in a promotion without the joint purchase and reception of all items included in said promotion.

XIV. Liability for links

The Company is not liable for any information provided by any other websites linked to this site. The Company does not control or exercise any kind of supervision over what said links contain, assuming that their contents comply with current and applicable legislation in every case.

However, using links from other sites does not imply any liability whatsoever or appropriation of their contents by the Company. The Company has zero participation with respect to supervising or approving contents and information provided in such websites. We advise the visitors to external websites to be prudent and query the terms and conditions provided by said websites. The Company shall not be liable for damages or harm that may result from the functioning, availability or continuity of linked sites.

XV. Intellectual and Industrial Property

The text, images, logos, distinctive symbols, sounds, animation, videos, source code and all other contents of this site are the property of the Company, or it had obtained the right as the case may be, to reproduce them, therefore, they constitute property protected by current and applicable intellectual and industrial property legislation.

Any partial or complete transmission, distribution, reproduction or storage of the contents found on this site is prohibited except with prior and express consent of their owner. Users may, however, reproduce or store the contents of this site solely for personal use, and the reproduction of elements or contents of this site done for financial or commercial purposes remains expressly and strictly forbidden.

XVI. Jurisdiction, authorization and applicable legislation

Any conflict that arises between the Users and the Company in terms of the interpretation or compliance with these general terms and conditions, and for the purchases and sales that said parties agree to pursuant to them, shall be subject to and resolved by the Ordinary Courts of Justice of Santiago, whose jurisdiction and authority both the Users and Company are expressly subject. Additionally, for all legal purposes that may be arise, these terms and conditions shall be governed by any laws of the Republic of Chile that are applicable for each individual case.

Celebra® is a registered trademark of Celebra Design SpA.