Do you offer wholesale?
Yes, you can send us an email and we will get in touch.

Do you make specialty products?
Yes, we can make unique products upon acceptance of our proposal.

How do you ship your products?
We ship our products throughout Chile using Shipit.

What material is used to make your dinnerware?
Our dishes are made with Stone Paper, a tree-free, mineral paper.

Is your dinnerware eco-friendly?
Yes. It is made of completely tree-free, photodegradable mineral paper that doesn’t require any water or bleach in its production.

Do you sell assembled dishes?
Yes. Get a quote for the quantity you need. Send us an email and we will
 contact you.

Where can I buy your products?
You can buy our products using our website, and we will have physical sales locations soon.

Can they be recycled?
Our dishware is made using stone paper and can be recycled to create new mineral paper or other plastic products such as containers, plastic parts and more. In contrast to the paper recycling process, stone paper does not use water or bleaching agents meaning it prevents the creation of liquid or toxic wastes.

Are they biodegradable?
Unfortunately our products are not biodegradable. We would love to have such a material.
All of our dishes are made with stone paper, which is a photodegradable material. Depending upon the width, it begins to break down when exposed to sunlight over a period of approximately 12 months. It will not break down if it is out of direct sunlight.

Can they be printed on?
Yes. All of our plates can be printed on.

Do you have any dishes that are ideal for soup?
We have a line of dinnerware called The Next Level that offers dishes perfect for hot liquids, called Soup Cups. You can check them out in our online store.

What is the maximum temperature for serving food with these dishes?
55° Celsius (131° Fahrenheit) is ideal.

Can I put the plates in the oven?